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ZeroBugs™ is an innovative, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly solution to counter the presence of ticks and fleas that can infest rooms and transmit diseases to household pets, and to do so without using any potentially harmful chemicals.

ZeroBugs™ operates by emitting ultrasound waves (mechanical sound waves) that are completely safe for humans and household pets (even for wearers of pacemaker or other devices). Its effectiveness and safety for humans and pets have been scientifically proven. 

ZeroBugs is the ideal solution to keep ticks and fleas away from dogs and cats in a totally ecological way. Completely nontoxic, ZeroBugs releases no chemical substances and no odors.

Works by emitting a series of ultrasound impulses that are harmless and imperceptible for both persons and animals, but that disturb ticks and fleas, repelling them from pets and above all keeping them away (prophylaxis).

Particularly suitable for animals weakened by illness, for puppies and kittens, for old pets and for expectant and nursing females. Ideal for animals that come into contact with children. Operating range about 1.5 meters or  4.9212598425197 feet.

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Use: remove the plastic tab to connect the lithium battery already present (not replaceable). 5 flashes show that the device is on. After being connected, battery life is about ten months. To see if ZeroBugsTM is still operating, press the button and check that the light still flashes. Attach ZeroBugsTM to the collar with the side with slits towards the inside, in the direction of the animal’s body.

Tested at the Science Laboratories of the University of Camerino, Italy which CERTIFIED THEIR SUCCESS in the fight against PESTS AND PARASITES and the ABSOLUTE SAFETY for humans and household pets.

Yellow & Orange are limited and we will only be stocking  White

The effectiveness of the devices was tested at the Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Laboratory - School of Veterinary and Medical Science - University of Camerino, Macerata, Italy.
The electromagnetic compatibility and ultrasound emissions of these devices have been tested by a Certified Body.


Designed to combat the presence of parasites that transmit diseases to men and their pets.
Using ultrasound technology and on the basis of scientific studies conducted to establish its most useful application, ULTRASOUNDtech™ has produced devices and systems that have been found to be extremely effective and decisive in protecting both humans and pets. The high degree of protection offered provides the best defence possible against the most widespread pests and parasites, such as dust mites, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and small rodents that are a nuisance and create unhealthy environments incompatible with a healthy daily life.

Ultrasound waves are harmless vibrations of the air, similar to sound, that have nothing in common with the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted, for example, by mobile telephones. 

What ultrasound is

The ultrasounds emitted by the ULTRASOUNDtech™ devices have the ability to fully protect the subject by creating around it a protective barrier.


They are parasites found on body surfaces capable of transmitting diseases and infections.

Ticks and fleas are ectoparasites, that is, parasites found on body surfaces. Protecting ourselves and our pets from such pests is essential in preventing the spread of diseases and infections.

In particular, ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) are the main carrier of diseases. By sucking the blood of infected animals, they pick up Spirochete and transmit it to new hosts they bite later. Ticks indiscriminately attack all warm-blooded creatures, including humans. Their bite is not painful and thus often goes unnoticed. Once they have attached to the skin, they act as a pump, constantly sucking up and regurgitating the blood so that a huge amount can be contaminated quite quickly.

Ultrasound is the ideal solution to protect us against such pests as ticks and fleas.

The use of ultrasound technology is the ideal solution to ward off ticks and fleas from pets and humans during all activities performed in contact with nature.

The ultrasound waves emitted only affect the nervous systems of ticks and fleas, disturbing them so much that they are forced to abandon the host and, at the same time, preventing a new attack. A truly environmentally-friendly solution that has no contraindications since it does not use any potentially harmful chemicals.






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Zero Bug
By Mary Swenson Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Yes Zero Bug works my three wore them all summer no fleas or ticks didn't have to give them any harmful chemicals what a blessing love these so much please give them a try you won't be sorry thank you so much.
Works great!
By Heather Lockwood Tuesday, September 3, 2019
I put them on my three girls collars in May and they worked great all summer in TX!
Zero Bugs = Zero Bugs!!!
By Shirley Wilkinson Thursday, August 1, 2019
What an AMAZING product!!! I purchased one for my Yorkie and it works like a charm. I am so happy to be able to control all of the bugs without endangering my babies. I love it so much that I just ordered two more for my cocker spaniel. If you are looking for something that truly works to keep your fur babies free of toxins/poisons while keeping them free of bugs, you simply MUST try Zero Bugs. It is the real deal!!!
Super product and chemical free!!!
By Csilla Thursday, May 9, 2019
We live in Europe and use this product more than 6 years. We live next to the Black Forest and a big river and walking there 3-4 times every day. There were not any fleas and ticks in my little yorkie in the past years..... So I can highly recommend the ZeroBug!!!

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