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Sovereign Silver Hydrosol

Sovereign Silver Hydrosol

Why Sovereign Silver?

From the time our founder, Stephen Quinto, introduced Sovereign Silver in 1999, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the purest, safest* and most effective* products for you and your family. Manufacturing Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol and Silver First Aid Gel is our specialty, and we do it in a GMP Certified facility, following the strictest of manufacturing guidelines.

All about Sovereign Silver:
Our laboratory has some of the world’s
most advanced analytical equipment, including a Phillips CM 12 Transmission Electron Microscope, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers, endotoxin analyzers, and sophisticated water filtration systems.

We rigorously test every batch of finished product for purity, quality, identity, composition and strength. If we would not give it to our own families, we would not expect you to give it to yours. We also conduct in-depth analyses on competing brands.

Only silver that is positively charged is of use to the body. Most colloidal silvers contain only 10% charged silver. Sovereign Silver contains >98% positively charged silver ions and silver nanoclusters, making it more powerful, more safe,* and a better value than other brands.



Think Absorption

The smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the body to absorb and eliminate. Sovereign Silver features an unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers, verified by 3rd party. No other silver can prove the same, and we’ve compared over 200 brands since 1999!

Like an hourglass filled with sand compared to an hourglass filled with some sand, but mostly rocks... you can see that only the smallest particles make it through, demonstrating how only the smallest of silver particles are bioavailable to your body!


Embrace Purity

Sovereign Silver has only two ingredients: 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade water. It’s that pure. Plus it’s packaged in non-leaching amber glass bottles to further preserve purity throughout its shelf life.


• Pure, contains no potential carcinogens, organic toxins or impurities

• Will not leach any harmful chemicals like BPA or DEHP

• Improved product stability due to no cross-linking (causing silver to “fall out” of suspension)

• Non-permeable by gasses, so product cannot be degraded over time. Amber in color for further protection from the effects of exposure to light


• Made of organic materials and may contain traces of the original monomer, plasticizers or mold release compounds

• Has been shown to leach harmful chemicals, and to continue to leach more over time

• Fills up landfills

• Permeable. Degradation caused by exposure to oxygen in the air, light, heat and humidity

The Story Behind Sovereign Silver For Pets

Silver has been used for centuries to safeguard human health and is found in whole grains, water, and mammalian milk, all part of our pets’ natural diet. Since 1999, families around the globe have relied on Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver HydrosolTM (#1-selling silver in the U.S.), for the safest*, purest, and most effective* form of silver ever developed for Immune Support*. Now furry and feathered family members can reap the same benefits with Sovereign Silver For Pets!

Over the years, we have documented that about 25% of the inquiries we receive from consumers are specific to children and pets. While Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol has ALWAYS been safe* for children (used as directed on our packaging, ages 4 and up) and pets, not many people made the leap themselves to using it for their pets. Also, there was concern about dosing as every pet parent knows that you can’t dose your pet at the same level as you dose yourself!

Sovereign Silver For Pets is proud to have been granted Feed Master Registration #Z003655 by the State of Florida, which is recognized nationally. This Master Registration is only issued to products that have passed rigorous testing by 1 of 6 certified labs for purity and adherence to the Guaranteed Analysis claims they make. Sovereign Silver For Pets tastes like water, is Vegan, and is allergen-, gluten- and GMO-free.

“I’ve been using Natural Immunogenics’ Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol products for at least 15 years now in my holistic veterinary practice. I appreciate their safety, versatility, ease of administration, efficacy, and reasonable pricing. Thanks for a great product!”
Dr. Darla Rewers, DVM


Uses For Pets

Please be aware that federal regulations limit dietary sup- plements to oral administration, even if structure/function claims may be specific to certain body parts.

Ear Health* – 1-2 droppersful, hold for up to 3 minutes, 3 times dai- ly. Or if using a fine-mist spray, 1-3 sprays to ear surface as needed.

Eye Health* – Use 1-2 drops, every hour.
Gastrointestinal Health* – 1-3 teaspoons on an empty stomach,

2-3 times daily until balance is restored.

Mouth and Gum Health* – 5-10 sprays on teeth and gums, 2-3 times daily.

Respiratory Health* – See Immune-Building* dosage above.When Traveling, Being Boarded or Groomed* – Take before,

during and after the event.

Tear Stains* – Apply using a cotton ball or swab directly to stained area. Also see Immune-Building* dosage above.

*Warning: For pets under veterinarian care for compromised liver or kidney function, consult your veterinarian before starting new supplementation. Do not insert glass dropper directly into pet’s mouth.


Sovereign Silver HEALING GEL -2 oz.


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Sovereian Silver
By Ann Hinton Friday, April 2, 2021
My pup had running, goopy,eyes due to alergys and an old scar on one eye. Just one drop in each eye, a day....first day i noticed a difference! Thank you so much for the wonderfiul product and knowledge of it.
By Louise Sunday, July 1, 2018
Started my dog Laci on the Silver. She likes the taste of it. I just put it in a bowl and she licks it up immediately. Can't wait to see the results of the silver once she has been on it for awhile.

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